Security gate installations

Security gate can be your front gate that is your first port of security and entry for any person and or car.  This is your first defense – the best solution is a light styled gate set on a gate motor that opens as quickly as possible and closes soon after. This way you arrive home or at the office and enter as fast as possible. When you are parked on the street you are vulnerable to a hijacking and no body n=deserves that. The security of your home starts with your front main gate. From there next would be the front door gate. Each door you have into your home should have a security gate. Most buildings are built standard how ever we often visit homes where doorways can be obstructed by walls or similar which creates a need for creating a custom gate. We can do this professionally and create the ideal gate you need to proceed and secure you. The gates finish can be paint or coated or sprayed, what ever the style, design or the budget lets meet together and chat so we can get the best solution together for you.

Our team is prompt, professional and our pricing is fair, if it expands, rolling gates, swing gates, fold open gates we can assist – we have an experienced team on hand to create the ideal security gate for you and install it professionally from start to finish. Visit our gallery and view some of the security installations we have done. For any security installation, we are able to go the extra mile and assist with electric fencing, gate motors, alarm systems, sensors the works. make one call and make it all happen with one team that will assist you all the way to a secure home – NOW!

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