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Custom Burglar bar

We design custom burglar guards to fit any window. We design them with two things in mind strength and looks. When it comes to your loved ones there is no time for second chances, therefore, we ensure we get it right the first time.


 Burglar bars are a necessity in South Africa and Johannesburg in these times. This being said they do not have to be dog ugly. We can custom make and paint to any design you want. Burglar bars must be functional meaning they must keep intruders out, so no smallish holes or angles where small bodies can climb in. They should be strong so they cannot be pried open with a screw driver.  Normal window bars are often not strong enough due to the frame that is holding them and the window together. We have often seen these bars bent with small objects and often a simple brick bends them open and knocks the welds off. We can support these bars and add in more force too keep the intruders out. Johannesburg sure is not the safest place in Africa to live so we do suggest you make the obvious changes and improvements to your security fence first including the most visible ones. Burglar bars are tope of this list next to your fence , wall and front gates. Our specialty are custom made gates that are custom made and ordered to size. This makes sure you get the gate you want first time. Burglar bars  are the same – we can do budget bars, attach strips to existing windows or go all the way with Spanish type bars that would keep any intruder out the windows bar a tank. All security measures you do around the house will be for naught if you not aware with what is happening in your neighborhood. Keep the doors and gates locked as often this is the first point of any intrusion into your home.

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